Welcome to our website! First of all, we’d like to congratulate everyone who’s been accepted to a teacher education programme at Stockholm University!

On this website, you’ll find all the information about the historical first ever kick off (insparque) for teacher students at SU. During the first two weeks of the semester, we will introduce you to life at the university. The insparque itself starts Monday the 28th of August, but before that, on Friday the 25th, you can meet us at the Introduction Day for Teacher Students.

If you sign up for the insparque, you will be divided into a group of about 20 students, to which you will belong during the following weeks. Every group will have two sponsors to take care of them during the kick off weeks.

Insparque is also known as “nollning” and can sometimes include hazing, but we don’t think that sounds like fun, so we’re not gonna do that. The insparque is there to give you the opportunity to get to know new people, do fun stuff together and perhaps make some new friends.  

The insparque will be all about games, activities and other fun things, like the pub crawl and “student sports”. We know that many of you will be attending lectures and seminars during these days and we encourage you to do that; nothing that we’re gonna do will be more important than your studies (but perhaps more fun). Sign up on this website under “Anmälan” or find someone who wears a purple overall and they’ll help you! There are only 200 spots, so hurry up! The theme is SUPERHEROES!